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Elliott C. Bäck

Having a cozy spot on the web is very 1999, but it's nice to have a place to write your thoughts, and aggregate your online presence. Programmers can't resist writing some code at home, and this website gives me a chance to try my server-side hands at a little design. Welcome, friends!

0. Wendy's World

Interesting thoughts and cute things; a 21st century girl's blog!

1. Cute Gadgets

Danielle's fiery invective puts other authors to shame.

2. TV Scams

Never fall for a tv scam again; we'll sell you truth, and show you the lies.

3. Video Games

What's hot on the xbox? When will Duke 3D come out? We want to know, too.

4. WP Plugins

The anti-spam plugin WP-Hashcash, uptime plugin WP-Pingdom, and more on the way.

5. Books & Literature

People need to read and think more. Sometimes I jot thought on literature here.

6. Asia / China

Primarily focused on China, posts are about travel, learning Chinese, and culture.

7. Mid-Life MBA

My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people's. (Oscar Wilde)

8. Speak French

Learn to Speak French in 112 Days: A Trial Run of Robert Fontaine’s Rapid Learning Method

9. Scribbles & Bits

One ought every day at least [...] speak a few reasonable words. (Goethe)

10. is a drop-box for various projects which have no other proper home.

11. CS482 Notes

An unofficial class blog for Computer Science 482: Analysis of Algorithms at Cornell University